Treatment Modality for Couple Issues

Often, circumstances in our environment will be the catalysts to change, whether it is a job stressor, a relationship stressor or an inner stressor. When our habitual coping mechanisms become ineffective to manage external circumstances that demand profound change, we become overwhelmed. Then the need for change becomes imperative because the stressors are experienced directly in the body as anxiety, depression or loneliness. Very normal people become challenged by the death of a relationship, marital problems or the devastating costs of infidelity.

  • Do you find yourself in an endless pattern of the same fight with your partner?  Over again without any resolve?
  • Do disagreements end in fighting and then distancing driving an ever widening gap between you and your partner?
  • Is distancing occurring followed by emptiness and void?
  • Are you and your partner experiencing chronic feelings of anger and resentment?
  • Are you and your partner contemplating divorce? Take stock and don’t give up on your marriage!

Relationship Therapy & Treatments for Couples

In therapy, you learn to identify specific maladaptive patterns that originate in how you and your spouse respond to stress within the marital dynamic. Together, you forge a deep awareness of your vulnerabilities and how you cover them up to cope.  Learning to communicate in a mutually respectful stance is the first step.  Next, comes understanding of the vulnerable need underneath the fight. The ability to meet the need underneath is what is learned in therapy with the help of an experienced therapist.

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