Isn’t it amazing that you can meet a person, a perfect stranger, and very quickly feel a connection? When I saw my husband for the first time, 38 years ago, on the Orient Express, I was backpacking with my roommate from college. We were en route to Greece, and he was backpacking on his way to Israel. For some reason, he was sleeping in the train’s hallway near the bathroom. The Orient Express, in the 70s, held none of the glamour glorified in Agatha Christie’s novel. I, myself, was searching for a new compartment as the train rolled into Zagreb (at the time still in Yugoslavia). As I crossed over this sleeping stranger who was blocking the passageway, he opened his eyes. Perfect blue eyes peered at me, and I felt zapped! I was stunned, took notice of the zap and continued my quest. An hour later, this perfect stranger, oblivious to the fact that his blue eyes had pierced mine, strolled into the compartment that I had discovered, and fate sealed our futures!

I have discovered that the ingredients that make this happenstance connection possible are merely an open and curious heart!

Last week, I was in Brussels visiting my elderly father. I went out for a walk and found my way to a hair salon because I needed to feel pampered. This perfect stranger, Pierre, the epitome of the hairdresser, was alone in his deserted salon. He had just opened the salon, and he was busy organizing and sweeping. I entered shyly and asked if he could take a walk-in. He looked at me and immediately smiled, saying, “Of course, now is a perfect time!” I sighed with relief, knowing he would meet my need for pampering. Pierre started by offering me coffee, washing and cutting my hair, giving me advice on my hairstyle the way only hairdressers that love their job can do. He made me beautiful, and, proud of his work, flattered me. I started to feel like the model that I had once been in my early twenties and started to take pictures bubbling with stories and joy. Pierre also immediately tuned into my nature and asked what my astrological sign was. I answered that I am a Pisces and he smiled wide and said: “I have an ascending Pisces sign and that makes me very intuitive!”

We shared a perfect hour exchanging heart and laughter! I felt reborn, and upon taking my leave, I hugged him. The hug was a most natural expression of the joy I experienced in a chance encounter with a stranger that became a friend. My new friend said, “You have such positive energy, you made my day!” I told him, “It is pure Grace that you accepted my need!” Moreover, I had needed it so much.

On pure impulse, with absolute grace, I walked into Pierre’s salon and found this fantastic encounter waiting to happen!

Perfection is in the open heart.