When stressed by lab researchers, rats will bite other rats to dispel the pain of electrical shocks. What’s remarkable about that is how many mammal and bird species have the same reaction as humans do when they are stressed.

While we may not go around biting other humans as a result of stress, we do cast off stress by blaming the situation, other people, or etc. Indeed, blame is a universal reaction to pain. It hurts both the sender and the receiver, just like it does in lab rat experiments.

Proximity to Love Can Heal

Another striking similarity between humans and rats is found in what helps rid stress. Those same researchers found that when they placed a friendly rat near the stressed rats, their reactions changed in a positive direction. They calmed down. So, the presence of a friendly being (sometimes for me it is my cat!) dispels stress.  What a remarkable property of love!

To further demonstrate love’s ability as a stress buster, an experiment conducted in the United Kingdom had disturbing images with loaded negative emotional content shown to human subjects, Unsurprisingly those subjects’ heart rates rose upon seeing the images. Then the subjects were asked to think of someone they loved. And lo – heart rates and blood pressure dropped. Which may be further proof that thinking of someone you love can heal you!