Minute changes eventually result in significant changes. When you fly an airplane from New York to London, changing the trajectory even by one-degree results in big changes at the end of the route. That’s because you change the direction of the plane. If you flew from New York to London and changed the trajectory by one degree, do you know where you would end up? In Moscow.

If this metaphor is applied to your health, you can eventually experience a change in the direction of your health with focus and reducing stressors. You can do this in four steps:

  1. Fire up your will to change
  2. Practice the desired change – imagine how it will feel to experience that particular change
  3. Consciously notice your reactions to stressors
  4. Focus on your desired result and then let go of the reaction to the stressor

Your ability to focus is the perfect tool to embed the change in your body and mind. Humans have a unique gift for being aware while watching ourselves. The potential for change lies in the awareness of being aware, if you practice it. The change is so simple and yet requires practice to become effective.

An experienced and licensed clinical social worker in Austin can help you with the small changes that can create wholesale changes in your life. Please contact me, if you’ve had difficulty taking the next few steps that can make a difference in your life.